A Good Start 

Challenge from Brynäs IF- En bra start

How do we create a win-win concept for attractive and meaningful internships?


Gävleborg has the second most unemployed young adults in the country. According to the Swedish Employment Service, internships are a good way for them to approach working life and further education with good results. That's why A Good Start, Brynäs IF and their biggest partners, together with the Swedish Employment Service, have worked out a model for getting young people into practice continuously (young adults 18-26 years). Every young adult who comes into work gives a social gain of SEK 2.3 million over 20 years. (source: Comparative analysis based on reports from Fryshuset, Ingvar Nilsson 2016). Brynäs IF's brand and dedicated network want to inspire more companies to understand the value of social innovation and want to help give young people a place in the working life community. They think this hackathon can give them fine results!


  •  How do we create a solution for interaction and matchmaking between young people's interests and companies in order to enable internships or jobs?


A Better City for Elders

Challenge from Gävle Kommun

Can we, with technology, improve the well being of elderly people?


In Gävle 2018, about 25 000 people were 65 or older. By the year 2030, the number will increase to 29 800 persons. There will be 8 200 people over 80 years old in 2030 as compared to 5 200 in 2020. In Gävle municipality, there is a project called ”Elderly Friendly Municipality” which means that Gävle Municipality is looking to improve the elderly's opportunities to live a healthy and independent life, with increased participation in social issues.The project leader has completed studies with people over the age of 65, focusing on their well being. From the results of the studies, we have created the following challenges:CHALLENGES AND PROBLEM STATEMENT

  • What can be done to help our elderly to feel less lonely?
  • How can information be provided and shared so that no one is excluded?  
  • This is a group of people where many of them want to exercise/spend more time outdoors. How can we create new opportunities to support their needs?

Any possible solutions will be explored further by the Project Leader of Elderly Friendly Municipality with their expertise on the matter.


Schools of Tomorrow

Challenge from RealGymnasiet

How shall we build and work in the schools of tomorrow?


Sweden needs to build about 1000 new schools in the next 10 years! Now we have the opportunity to create new, innovative ways of learning with the help of technology and new insights into the needs of future generations of students.According to an article from Göteborgs Universitet1, students do NOT want robots as teachers. So who will teach them and where?


  • How can we create more flexible solutions for students and teachers?
  • Can we somehow refine schools to make them more sustainable according to facilities, teachers, energy, food etc.
  • Can we, with the help of technology, get input from students on how tomorrow’s schools should look like?


Be a Smart Neighbor

Challenge from Consid

Help your neighbor to help you!


We throw away garbage without sorting, leave the lights on when we leave the room, and leave the water on when we brush our teeth. This leads to unnecessary spending and an increased impact on our environment. Can we help tenants to leave smaller carbon footprints?


  • How can we raise awareness for these issues?
  • Can we create a platform that can be used for tenants to pay attention to how they     can reduce their cost and consumption?
  • Can we help tenants to leave less carbon footprints by convincing them to collaborate?
  • Is there a way to make them do this together and in the long run expand the solution to the whole society and not just in one apartment building or neighborhood?

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