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How can data be used in an innovative way to create smart cities?

How can we by tech help our society and its inhabitants to develop in a sustainable way? If these are questions that you find interesting, this is the hackathon for you!

No special skills are required, for example, programming. We would like you to be a innovative team player with an interest in creating smart cities in a sustainable way.

Future Position X is a Non-profit Network Organization founded in 2006 with a focus on health and well-being in the smart, sustainable, viable city and community. We are partnering with Hack for Sweden to host Hack for Gävle, a 24 hour hackathon. We are inviting curious minds from all over Sweden to gather with us to explore  our theme,  Smart Cities!

What exactly is a Smart City? 

We want to know how you think a Smart City looks! Does the future lie in replacing streetlamps with bio-luminescent algae? Creating more stylish solar panels and installing them on to the roof of every building in Sweden!? Local garden and greenhouse initiatives? Bring your most creative and wild ideas as we set out to imagine what solutions drive us into the future.

And of course, the hackathon is free of charge and open for everyone. Food as well as sleeping arrangements will be provided for free for all participants! 

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About Hack for Gävle

Hack for Gävle is organized by Future Position X, in partnership with Hack for Sweden. The hackathon  will take place in Gävle, at Clarion Winn City Conference. 

The 24 hour hackathon takes place during the weekend, Saturday to Sunday  (15 Feb - 16 Feb 2020). It’s free for all participants, food will be provided and a sleeping area will be arranged. Bring your sleeping bag, pillow and mattress.

Hack for Gävle is a great way to challenge yourself and your creativity, but also an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make connections outside of your usual professional circle. It will definitely be an interesting event regardless of your background and your experience! 

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Inspirational Speaker

Erik Olsson
Digitalization Strategist for Sweden’s Public Sector - Microsoft

Formerly the Head of Experience at Microsoft, Erik will be giving a key note speech on the first day of the hack.

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