Competition and Prizes


Hack for Gävle requires all participants to be present at the venue to enable a creative environment and networking. Teams may have individual members participating remotely. This needs to be communicated to the organizer beforehand.


All contest entries must be in english and will be “pitched” by the respective teams to our jury (5 min). Contributions must also be submitted on our slack channel and e-mailed to at the latest on 16th Feb by 09:30 and must contain: 

  • Team name and members 
  • Team number 
  • Selected challenge 
  • Description of which SDG that is selected and why
  • Brief description of the solution and what benefit it can generate 
  • Description of open data and/or technology that is intended to be used
  • The presentation to be showed to the jury during the pitch


We will use slack and set up a general group for all participants/stakeholders. In addition, we will create channels for categories like Jury, Coaches, F&Q etc. We would like to see each team create a subgroup.


Time: Maximum time 5 min/team 

Equipment: Own computer/laptop

Language: English

Suggested content:

  • Describe the problem/case. 
  • Who are the target audience/end users? 
  • Why should they use the solution? 
  • How does the solution work and what benefit does it create? 
  • Describe the possible further development of the solution. 
  • What could a first business model look like? (How could you commercialize the solution?


Ideas, prototypes, mock-ups or other material created during the event and included in the competition are owned by the creators themselves. We encourage sharing of code, thoughts and ideas. Future Position X reserves the right to post and describe the contest entries and publish them in the social media associated with Hack for Gävle as well as all participating websites and other communication and marketing channels.

Prize Categories

1st Prize: Winner of Hack for Gävle

SEK 15,000. 

8h Business coaching Movexum. 

1-month hot desk - Do Space 

Assessment criteria:  

  • Innovation 60% :
    • Technological 
    • Business 
    • Social 
  • Potential 15%
  • Pitch 25%

Honourable Mention

4h business coaching Movexum

Assessment criteria: 

The jury selects a contribution that stands out particularly well! 

The Participants' Favorite!

SEK 5,000

Assessment Criteria:

Participants vote their favorite via Menti. (Not allowed to vote on  your own proposal)   

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About Hack for Gävle

Hack for Gävle is organized by Future Position X and Hack for Sweden, and will take place in Gävle, at Clarion Winn City Conference. The 24 hour hackathon takes place during the weekend, Saturday to Sunday  (15 Feb - 16 Feb 2020). It’s free for all participants, food will be provided and a sleeping area will be arranged. Bring your sleeping bag, pillow and mattress.Hack for Gävle is a great way to challenge yourself and your creativity, but also an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make connections outside of your usual professional circle. It will definitely be an interesting event regardless of your background and your experience! 

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